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COVID-19丨Preventive Protocol at Parkway

View: 29 times  Date: 2020-02-15

As a professional medical institution, we must treat the clinical work and this epidemic situation with a scientific and serious attitude, maintain smooth communication and be ready at any time to serve the customers. 


Epidemic prevention team

We have clear division of labor and assign responsibilities to personnel, to ensure that such work as logistics support, medical safety, customer service and medical treatment can be carried out smoothly. In addition, we ensure that during the special period, we can quickly respond to and handle various events, and ensure the safety of all customers.


Safety protection 

Strict epidemic management system:

Gleneagles Hospital Chengdu has established strict systems for infection management, pre-examination and personal protection in the special period of epidemic outbreak.

All round disinfection:

For the safety of diagnosis & treatment and treatment environment, we strictly control the entry of abnormal personnel into the outpatient department, and strictly carry out the disinfection in the outpatient department, 24-hour uninterrupted environment and air purification and disinfection, and one diagnosis one disinfection, giving no chance to the virus. 

Strict entry management:

When entering the hospital, all personnel are required to receive inquiries, take temperature, disinfect hands and wear masks strictly. Customers need to register.


Staff return management:

We carry out return statistics for staff in the hospital and classify as per the risk level. 


Strict safe arrival plan

 ☑ Medical safety guarantee 

We check the internal staff, ensure that all front-line staff do not go out or get sick during the Spring Festival, do a good job in personnel contact monitoring, ensure daily temperature measurement, strictly guarantee the safety protection of front-line staff, and create a safe medical environment for customers.

 ☑ Appointment system 

In this special time, Chengdu Gleneagles Hospital still adopts appointment system. You can make an appointment with 028-60216666 or WeChat official account.

 ☑ Pre-examination system 

After customers receive inquiries and register, they will be measured for temperature to confirm for a fever, and nurses will disinfect their hands before and after the examination. (In case of abnormal temperature, the staff will lead the patient to "fever clinic" for treatment.)

 ☑ One person at one time  

For patients entering the hospital, the principle of "one person at one time" will be carried out to reduce the risk of cross infection.

Guide to seeking medical advice

☑ All the customers coming to the hospital should wear the mask correctly, receive the temperature measurement and inquiry by medical staff (including the parking lot access on -3F), and should not conceal the disease condition and the history. The above matters are intended to minimize the risk of cross infection in hospital. Please understand and support!

Gleneagles Hospital Chengdu will always put the safety of customers in the first place. In this special period of unity, we will work together to overcome the epidemic!

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