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Sharing & Discussions on Upgrading Medical Demand

View: 25 times  Date: 2019-11-08

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China Southwest Chapter visited Gleneagles Chengdu Hospital and attended the Seminar on "Upgrading Medical Demand in Chengdu Local Market" by Dr. Henry Chen, CEO of Gleneagles Chengdu Hospital on November 8, 2019. 


With the rapid development of China, the technology and service of medical industry are also changing with each passing day.

Chengdu, as the capital of Southwest China, is also an all-embracing international city. With the promotion of China's “Western Development” strategy, many multinational enterprises are rushing to settle in Chengdu to promote the continuous innovation of Chengdu's economy and upgrade the consumption of local people. Thus, the local demand for differentiated medical care has become increasingly prominent, bringing about a sub-market for medical care.


Dr. Henry Chen, CEO of Gleneagles Chengdu Hospital, shared several insights as below in the seminar:

• How will the market segmentation of the future medical industry be reflected?

• Are public hospitals and private hospitals antagonistic or complementary?

• Why is Chengdu the most prosperous private medical city?

• What are the details of “patient-centered” professional diagnosis and treatment services?


Chengdu has identified nine major areas to develop, namely, commercial retail, cultural services, tourism and leisure, catering services, medical services, services for the aged, education services, sports services, residents and family services with the unique advantages and disadvantages of Chengdu's life service industry.


At present, Chengdu has become the most prosperous city with regard to private health care, representing the highest density nationwide in clinics, private hospitals as well as pharmacies. Private hospitals will be a priority of development in the future. The state encourages foreign capital to enter the medical system so as to improve the system's efficiency and quality.

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