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Shenton Health China

As the mid-and-high end brand set up by Parkway Pantai Group in line with the broad demand in China after 10 years of its entering China, Shenton Health, aims at providing affordable international quality medical services to much more patients. In March, 2018, Shenton Health established its clinic in Chengdu and the second one in Shanghai in June, both of which were located in the commercial center with convenient transportation to provide convenient medical services to patients.

Adhering to the consistent high international standards of construction, Shenton Health has established one-stop general plus specialist medical service system, covering all-week continuous and comprehensive medical and health services of health care, check-up, diagnosis, treatment, disease recovery, etc.. Based on the norms of “evidence-based medicine” and the concept of “patients first”, Shenton dedicates to bring safe and effective treatment effect to patients with advanced medical management experience.

Based on the perfect international medical system of Parkway Pantai, Shenton Health will provide patients with reliable and trusted overseas transfer, remote consultation of international experts, and so on. Through establishing green transfer channel, one-stop medical service has been achieved to access to global top medical resources.

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